Sankofa Journey Part Three

Sankofa Journey Part Three

Welcome back to the stories!


The Cape Coast Dungeons

We wore our white clothes, and went to the dungeons. We took the bus there before the ceremony. You would think "ceremony" would mean dancing, acrobats, singing, and other stuff. But it wasn't.

We went back to One Africa to eat lunch. It turned out we had left someone behind at the dungeons. Luckily he knew how to get back. 

The next time we had to take taxi's/cabs to the dungeons. We arrived four by four or five by five, chanting, laughing, and talking.

It was amazing. There were cannon balls, jails, and more. It was though sad that so many people had to go through such things. I won't talk about it, to make anyone sad.

When we left, we could get into the bus. We didn't have to take uncomfortable taxi/cab rides back. We got back to One Africa, ate dinner, talked a little, and went to bed. The next day, we would go to Kumase.

To be continued.

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Sankofa Journey Part Two

Sankofa Journey Part Two

Welcome back!


Cape Coast

This week was full. We got back onto the bus with our suitcases and bags, after we had had toast, pineapples, and mangoes. We had to go to Oguaa, known well as Cape Coast. As they will do, people slept on the way. Finally, we got to a place called One Africa, where we would sleepover for two days, before going to Kumase. I met up with my old friend, Nana. It was by the beach, so he taught me about the boats. If the boat light suddenly flashes and goes off, it means the boat is being attacked. If the boat light was going on and off, it meant they didn't have lights. I then met his sister, Dede. She was a sweet girl. When I was three, and me and him played together, she was only a day old and was in the house, so I never met her. We were three and two, running through grass and climbing trees.

We had a small hut. It rained a lot there, but that was because at the time, we/they came during the time it was rainy season. (I live here. I only came on the Sankofa Journey, didn't travel through a plane.)

It was beautiful, with a nice view. We got situated getting our rooms. We ate lunch, then after we went down to the beach. I skipped stoned. I saw a sea animals hump, but I was so suprised I saw one, I didn't say anything.

That was a very nice day at Cape Coast/Oguaa. But what about the dungeons?

To be continued. 




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Fairy Ama and Princess Ama (Edition 2)

Fairy Ama and Princess Ama (Edition 2)

Written by Ama Kambon

Once upon a time, there were two friends. One day, Fairy Ama went to the market. It was crowded. Many people were taking pictures of her. They had never seen anyone with wings.

She went to the fruit stand and bought mangoes, pawpaw’s, banana’s, watermelon, berries, pineapple, and more. She got home with all the yum. The Princess cut it up and they both began to eat the fruit.

After, it rained.

Every year, Fairy Ama and the Princess spend the nature of the rain. Later, in the dry season, people stay in. Shops aren’t expecting anyone to come out, so they close, except for hospitals, emergency helicopters, and firefighter stations.

Winter time. Everyone’s children strike for winter. They do a snow parade. They all held up signs saying “We love winter!”

At noon, the children stop playing and head home for lunch. Meanwhile, it snows. It snows from Monday to Saturday. The princess and Fairy Ama plead for the snow to go. They don’t really like snow. Besides, they already have 60 inches of snow, enough to not melt.

The snow started to fall again on Sunday, although they already had 60 inches. It snowed for two weeks. By then it was 300 inches, enough to build a snow castle to live in for the winter. Meanwhile, the Fairy and Princess got super tired of hearing the snow news.

5 weeks later, the 7th and almost eighth snow week, it stopped, and the two friends were very happy. It was spring now. Zoo keepers let the animals out. Flowers burst, revealing their lovely petals, and animals ate their first outside meal since last year. Spring completely came.

To be continued.

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Pretty the Zebra Part Two

Pretty the Zebra Part Two

Pretty was so sad. As thirsty as she was, she walked away from the river. When she came to the grassland, and as hungry as she was, she walked through it without taking a nibble. She went back to her cave and looked at old pictures of her gracefully leading the group.

She laid down on her bed. Her stomach was grumbling and her mouth didn't have any toss inside. So she decided her punishment was over, and she weakly walked to the river. There, the lion and his friends had set a trap. They circled the river. As she was drinking, she lifted up her head, sensing danger. She drank a little water, but kept it in her mouth. When one of the lions jumped out of his hiding spot, she was ready. She spat water into his face, then ran in the direction of the grassland.

The leader was angry at him. "What is the matter with you? Her spit doesn't have a chemical inside! It's just water! Leave my group or go after her!"

None of his choices sounded good to the member. So he sadly went after her, walking in the direction of the grassland, meanwhile, him and the other lions drank water and rested by the river.

Though he was very weak, he was very smart. He created a poison that would keep her asleep for a while. He used a shortcut to get to the grassland before her, and rubbed it on each of the grasses. He hid as he watched her eat the first grass.

To be continued.

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So old Story of the Mets part two

So old Story of the Mets part two

Welcome Back!


Anyway, I’m going to go pack up my stuff.

Okay, I’ll be waiting for Tandi and Yaa.


Akua: Okay, okay, I’m coming!

(Slight stop)

(Akua left the bathroom and went to get dressed.)

(The doorbell rang.)

DING,, Dong! DING,, Dong!

Adwoa: Hi guys!

Tandi and Yaa: Whoohoo!


Akua: Okay, I’m almost done!


Akosua: Okay, let me pack your containers.


Akosua: Here it is!

Okay, here you girls go.

Akua and Adwoa: Thanks mom!

Akosua: Akua, you’re coming home early, right?

Report back to me whether Adwoa really dropped you off at the bus stop.

(Adwoa wasn’t listening because she was discussing something with her friends on doing something against Nera.)

Tandi: Maybe we should put paint on her seat so that her clothes would get dirty.

Yaa and Adwoa: Yes, good idea. I agree.

Maybe in the future, she’ll be nice.

Adwoa: Okay, let’s go to school.

Yaa and Tandi: Okay.

Adwoa: Come on, Akua. Let’s go.

(Khumba came from his room after the 4 girls left.)

Khumba: I’m getting ready to go to the farm. Keep our house well.

Akosua: Okay.


Akosua: What is the matter with you?!?!?!?! 

(They start fighting and Akosua throws Khumba towards the ceiling.)

Khumba: WOOOOW!

(Khumba was badly hurt, and he laid there as if he were a cat.)

(He never went to the farm.)

(Next scene)

Adwoa: Okay, bye Akua!

Akua: But mom said you have to walk me to school!

Adwoa: No thanks Akua. Go to the bus stop yourself.

Akua: But Adwoa!

Adwoa: I said!

If you do not go now, then I will give you a severe slap in the face.


(Akua sadly walked to the bus stop. Alone)

Adwoa: That’s what that girl gets! (SPITS at Akua)

Anyway, let’s go walk to the bus stop. I bet you all our friends are already there.

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